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General Information

Company name
F1security, Inc.
Lee, Dae-ho
(Head office) #952AB Ho, H-3, KIST, Hwarangno 14-gil 5, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
(Research) #1003, 128, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
(Research) #455, 815, Daewangpangyo-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
October 2012

Information Security Consulting service

  • ISMS, PIMS, ISO27001 certification consulting
  • Web penetration test and malware analysis
  • Privacy Consulting, Survey and analysis of information security trends

Web Security Solution / service

  • Web Firewall (F1-WebCon)
  • WebShell detection solution (F1-WSFinder)
  • Web Malware Diffusion Detection Solution(F1-WMDS)

CEO / Core Workforce

Lee Dae-ho CEO / Chief Consultant

Lee Dae-ho CEO F1Security CEO / Chief Consultant

Total career : 20 years

Qualification : ISO 27001 / ISMS / PIMS / PIPL certification auditor, PIA, CISA, CISSP, CIA, Industrial security manager, Engineer Information Processing, information security prior diagnosis attendant

Educational qualification : bachelor's degree (Yonsei University, Department of Philosophy / Computer Science / Business Administration )

- Main Capability
Information security consulting and Development of information protection system
  • Project management
  • Information security management system (ISMS, ISO27001)
  • Personal Information Management System (PIMS)
  • Security audit, Establishing security policy / guideline, Risk assessment, Establishing information security Master Plan
  • Experience in consulting more than 100 customer sites
  • Managing director of technical development projects such as WMDS
- Career
  • AhnLab
  • Kolonbenit
  • A3security

Core Workforce

Development of security solution/A.I Research

Director of Research(Master) Development career : 20years

Lee, In Young Chief Researcher (Master) Development career : 20years

Yi, Hyoung Chief Researcher Development career : 14years

Choe, Sim Hyeon Senior Researcher (Master) Development career : 10years

Jin, Se Min Senior Researcher Development career : 10years

Kim, Hyun Soo Assistant Researcher (Master) A.I

Consulting/Malware Analysis/hacking

Director of Research(Master) Development career : 20years

Lee, In Young Chief Researcher (Master) Development career : 20years

Yi, Hyoung Chief Researcher Development career : 14years

Choe, Sim Hyeon Senior Researcher (Master) Development career : 10years

Jin, Se Min Senior Researcher Development career : 10years

Park, Seung Pill Chief consultant Analysis Career: 16years

Kim, Min Seok Junior Consultant Analysis Career: 4years

Lee, Whang Hee Assistant Consultant Analysis Career: 4years

Jo, Sang Hyun Assistant Consultant Analysis Career: 2years


Choi, Sung Su Vice President (Master) Development/ Sales Career: 17years

Hwang, Young-Suk Executive Director (Master) Development/Sales Career: 15years


Distribute Ransomware/Malware code increase

Increased distribution of Ransomware / malicious code through website(famous and high-traffic)

Repeat Ransomware damage every year

Infect a computer system to restrict access, requires a kind of ransom. Ransomware needs to be prevention in advance

The appearance of Ransomware, such as WannaCry

Consumer Change : More than 200,000 people in 150 countries (in 2017, WannaCry Ransomware)

  • Increased awareness centered on financial institutions and retail wholesale and retail companies
  • Company : Actively make countermeasures and take cyber | insurance (additional cost)
  • Person : Restricting access the suspicious site (Decreased Consumption activity)

Business & Product – WebCON(Web Firewall)

Web security services that support cloud infrastructure, WebCON

  • detects, responds to, and blocks attacks on Web sites and servers, such as SQL Injection and XSS, which are specialized in Web application security.
  • Software-based, support for cloud environments as well as web services running on the enterprise network infrastructure

Business & Product – WSFinder(WebShell detection solution)

Web shell detection dedicated solution for website hacking accident prevention

  • As the evolving forms of web shells such as obfuscation and web shells continue to increase, development of web shell detection tools using new detection methods outside pattern-based detection(commercialized in May 2018)
Classification Existing Improving Advantages
Pattern Detection Type
  • POSIX regular expression pattern detection
  • RE2 regular expression pattern detection
  • YARA pattern definition and detection
  • File Hash Pattern Detection
  • Similarity pattern detection
Advanced detection technology
Obfuscation detection
  • N/A
  • Detect obfuscation file
Obfuscation type detection
Detection Function
  • Periodic detection Schedule detection
  • Cycle detection
  • Schedule detection
  • Real-time detection
  • Extension designation detection
  • Detect specific folder exception handling
  • Overcoming existing constraints(file size, no limit on number of files)
Advanced Function
Detection performance
  • Algorithm that performance at the level of repeating pattern detection
  • Changed the algorithm to show O(n) performance by adopting file comparison method for detected webshell
Performance Enhancement
User UI
  • Window GUI
  • Linux CLI input method
  • integrated Web UI(same user interface regardless of agent type such as Window, Linux, etc.)
Improved manageability/efficiency
How to manage your data
  • Local data storage method
  • integrated server data management
Improved manageability efficiency and efficiency Central Manager Technical Support Enhancement

Business & Product – WMDS

What is F1-WMDS (Web Malware Detection System)?



공공 및 대학


제조 유통


인터넷 IT


Reference – KISA(Korea Internet Security Agency)

KISA Annual Project by F1 Security Security

Business Information
Web Malicious code analysis & measures and technical support

Detecting and responding to the distribution of web malicious codes , 4 million domains in Korea

Web vulnerability check and Web security tool services

Web vulnerability diagnosis and web security tool distribution support service for SMB

Information security consulting service for SMB nationwide

information security consulting support project of 200 SMEs nationwide

Web-shell detection and web firewall system development

Development of web shell detection system (whistle) and web firewall (Caastle) for free distribution for small and medium enterprises

Malware Analysis & Detection service

Detection and analysis of malicious code distribution on 4 million web site

Business Summary
Business item

Malware Analysis & Distribution Detection Treatment support business

ordering organization


Business Period

2017.1.1 ~ 2019.12.31


Detect malwares, Prevent distribution through web and respond early

MCF (Malicious Code Finder) Operation Business

Web vulnerability Check service

Yearly 3,000 websites vulnerability checking and treatment support

Business Summary
Business item

web vulnerability diagnosis and web security tool supplement business

ordering organization


Business Period

2017.1.1 ~ 2019.12.31


Perform web vulnerability diagnosis, web shell detection, free web firewall supplement

Web security support business of SMB